Tree of Savior has Updated Its Known Issues

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Until now, Tree of Savior has updated its known issues. IMC know the issues some players are experiencing while log into the game. Please try below ways to solve the issues and IMC will continuely to update the issues.

Steam must be running to play this game. SteamAPInitfailed


This error may occur if you attempt to run the game directly from the desktop. We recommend that you log onto the Steam client and run the game from your library.


Zubeck's Secret Moves Item


This item gives you 1 stat point upon use. There's a bug where if you use it while in a dungeon, the item gets consumed, but you don't receive your stat point. They are going to look into this issue and find a way to compensate those who did not get their stat point from this item.


Cannot properly patch game/cannot launch game after patch


We are aware that some players are experiencing problems patching and launching the game at the moment. We are looking into the issue, but in the meantime here is the workaround. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Go to Steam/steamapps/common/TreeOfSavior/release


Open the release.revision.txt file and edit the number to 11460

Validate local files through Steam and check to see if the language is set to English.

QUEST: Obversion/Drowsy Scent


IMC are aware that these quests currently have people stumped. They will be working on a more permanent fix. Please stay tuned for an update regarding these quests. In the meantime, they would recommend trying other zones/questlines.


Unfinished Commision should now work properly. However, please let us know via the ticket system if you are still having trouble with this particular quest.

CommanderLoadFail/Instance disconnect problems/Malfunctioning elevators & cable cars


This is due to connection problems with the channel. You should be able to connect to the channel if you choose one with less people. The dev team will be looking into the issue to make it more stable.


Please go to Tree of Savior official forum to let IMC know if you are experiencing other problems. When reporting issues, please be as detailed as possible so IMC can fixed the issue as soon as possible. Hope all The Tree of Savior's players enjoy more in the game. 

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