How to find World Boss Locations in Tree of Savior

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World Boss was casually come out in Tree of Savior and hard to find. The passage will advise the location the World Boss will came out, which will reduce the time you find them. Before go to find the Boss, you need to know world bosses usually spawn inside the common buildings of dungeons, and they have their levels. To be eligible for world boss loot, you have to be in one of the 6 groups that deal most damage to the boss. In other word, you need to be in a strong group. And all world bosses spawn 4 hours after last death but randomly in several locations in the map except Durahan.

Starving Ellaganos - lvl 200

Location: Bidentis Shrine or Mokusul Chamber

Drop: Ellaganos Card(10%), Maledoom Recipe(10%), Max Petamion Recipe(10%), Feather Armband Recipe(10%), Sissel Bracelet Recipe(10%)


Dullahan - lvl 185

Location: Roxona Reconstruction Agency East Building


Condition: Collect 200 minions' soul with a crystal bottle spawns every 2 hours

Drop: Dullahan Armor Fragment(10%), Dullahan Card(50%), Gritas(10%),Geras Spear Recipe (10%), Karacha Dagger Recipe


Marionette - lvl 181

Location: Roxona Reconstuction Agency West Building

Drop: Marionette Card(10%), Complex gear(50%), Grave Crossbow Recipe(10%), Suncus Maul(10%), Conqueror Recipe(10%)


Harpia - lvl 166

Location: Demon Prison 1F, 2F, 5F

Drop: Harpia Card(10%), Luciduce Recipe(10%), Audra Recipe(10%), Zircon(10%), Skull Amulet (10%)


Glackuman - lvl 164

Location: The 2nd Demons' Prison

Drop: Nulis recipe, Miskas Sabre

Fire Lord - lvl 148

Location: The main hall of Sanctuary

Drop: Fire Lord Card(10%), Wizard Slayer Recipe(10%), Maledic(3%), Red Gem(10%), Kaloo Hammer Recipe(10%), Pumpkin Amulet(10%)


Necroventer - lvl 133

Location: Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family

Drop: Legwyn Family Cloth/Leather/Plate Sets, Nulis, Petamion Recipe


Noisy Mineloader - lvl 130

Location: Mage Tower 4F, 5F

Drop: Mineloader Card(15%), Pink Bunny(20%), Gold Bar(10%), Trinity Sword Recipe(10%), Wildling Bane Recipe(5%)


Cerberus - lvl 96

Location: Royal Mausoleum 4F, 5F

Drop: Cerberus Card(20%), Opal(2%), Durandal(2%), Primaluce(10%), Nurse Headband(10%), Gold Bar(10%), Gladiator Band Recipe(10%)


Earth Archon - lvl 85

Location: Royal Mausoleum Storage

Drop: Gold Bar, Maid Headband accessory, Regina Crossbow, Sapphire, Silver Bar, Toy Hammer


Kanseril - lvl 81

Location: Royal Mausoleum Builder's Chapel

Drop: Kanseril Card (10%), Earth Pants (10%), Leather Earth Pants (10%), Earth Plate Pants (10%), Earth Robe (10%), Leather Earth Armor (10%), Earth Plate Armor (10%), Wind Runner Recipe (10%)


Temple Shooter - lvl 76

Location: Royal Mausoleum Workers' Lodge

Drop: Templeshooter Card (10%),Earth Gloves (10%), Leather Earth Gloves (10%), Earth Plate Gauntlets (10%), Earth Boots (10%), Leather Earth Boots (10%), Earth Plate Greaves (10%)


Abomination - lvl 56

Location: Great Woodlands

Drop: Abomination accessories

Chapparition - lvl 42

Location: Tenet Chapel basement or 1F

Drop: Chapparition weapons (1% for each type), Sliver Bar (1%)

Deathweaver - lvl 24

Location: Crystal Mine 2F or 3F

Drop: Deathweaver weapons


Hope the Guide can save your time and thank you for your reading.

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