NBA 2K23 Hot Zones Guide

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Hot Zones are a real basketball feature that indicates the most advantageous position for every player. The following guide will explain what hot zones are, why they are so important, and how to get them in NBA 2K23.


NBA 2K23 Hot Zones

What are Hot/Cold Zones?

Simply put, hot zones are areas on the court from where you can make easy shots. If the area is a hot zone, the chances of landing your shots are more. If you are shooting from a cold or blue zone, your chances of making that shot gets reduced drastically.

Hot Zone Colors

    • Red = Hot Zone
    • Gray = Neutral Zone
    • Blue = Cold Zone

How to Find Hot Zones?

Method 1:

1). Go to the 'MyCAREER' menu.
2). Go to 'Stats' 2K Card.
3). Click the 'Right Stick' on your MyPLAYER.
4). Hit RT or LT (or R2/L2) until you see the 'Hot Zones' section.

Method 2:

1). While in the City, press Dpad Left to the 'Squad Up' section.
2). Select your MyPLAYER and hit 'View 2K Card'.
3). Hit RT or LT (or R2/L2) until you see the 'Hot Zones' section.

How to Get / Earn Hot Zones?

The hot zones mechanism works in a manner that it sees the progress of your last 25 matches, and you must have hit ten shots at the minimum at three-point to have a hot zone for long-range shots.

To convert any blue area on the court to blue, you need to have a good performance there. You can do this by playing on the easy difficulty. To convert a cold zone to a hot zone, you must have a minimum of 50% basket ratio in that region.

How to Unlock a Hot Zone?

    • 60% in the Paint area
    • 55% in the Close Shot area
    • 50% in the Mid-Range area
    • 40% in the 3PT area
    • In your last 25-50 games (MyCAREER, Park, Rec, Pro-AM) with at least 10 shot attempts in each area.

How to Get Rid of a Cold Zone?

1). Keep shooting in the various court areas and get the percentages to reach the Hot Spot criteria mentioned before.
2). Wait 25-50 games, and don't shoot at all in that zone

How to Reset Hot Zones?

While you are free to convert a blue area on the court to a red one with patience, it is not possible to reset your hot zones in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 Hot Zones – Why They're Important?

Make no mistake: Hot Zones are game-changing and significantly impact your success in NBA 2K23 (as they have in past years). They're not just there as a guide: they're there to tell you exactly how likely you are to hit a shot from a particular spot on the court.

The percentage, value, and impact of the shot you take will be influenced by the "hot" or "cold" state of the area of the court you're taking the shot. If you're taking a shot in a "blue" part of the court, the chances of making that shot are decreased significantly, and your timing will have to be pretty much spot on with zero margins for error.

That's all you need to know about the Hot Zones in NBA 2K23. If you're interested in more NBA 2K23 content, check out our guides section here at, where you can find loads of helpful information, such as how to buy MT NBA 2K23 safely.

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