How to Take Request for Server Transfers in Tree of Savior?

Usfine Date: Apr/16/16 05:23:17 Views: 3953

IMC has announced that they now taking requests for server transfers. Here are 5 steps to send in your request:

(1) Go to the support page on our official website.


(2) Log into your Facebook or Google account.


(3) Verify your Steam account by clicking on the top right corner. You will then see the [Submit Ticket] option on the lower right corner of the support page.


(4) After you click on [Submit Ticket], use the drop-down menu to select [Server Transfer] as your ticket type, or just follow this link: (


(5) You will be prompted to check that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of server transfer. Proceed to fill out the necessary details to submit your request.


IMC will be taking requests for a little over a week, then proceed to move everyone's teams to the requested servers. So the players will not have access to the game during this time. IMC also reminded that the transfer process is irreversible, and you should take the extra steps necessary to ensure you wish to move your entire team to another server.Thank you for your reading and support

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