Usfine Crazy Easter Promotion Has Launched!

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Usfine Crazy Easter Promotion Has Launched!


Happy Easter! Everyone! Usfine would like to enjoy the Easter with all of you guys!

We have launched Crazy Easter Promotion” for this Wonderful Festival!

The Promotion Period is from 4/22 – 4/30 PST .


What are the details of “Crazy Easter Promotion”?

A. Price Reduction:

1. All Runescape Items Prices have been reduced by 50% during Easter Promotion!

Click Here to get the cheapest Runescape Items!

2. All Runescape Equipments Prices have been reduced by 50% during Easter Promotion!

Click Here to get the cheapest Runescape Equipments!

3. Runesape Powerleveling Prices are 30% Off again during Easter Promotion!

Click Here to get the cheapest Runescape Powerleveling!

4. Buy Runescape Gold, you can get Extra 40% For Free as Reward during Easter Promotion!

Click Here to get the cheapest Runescape Gold!


B. Free Mysterious Gifts Everyday:

We will randomly pick 5 lucky customers everyday and give them Free Mysterious Gifts.

The Mysterious Gifts include Free Quests, Free Soul Wars Points, Free Charms, or Free RS Gold!

Once you are picked as the Lucky Customer, we will email you and give you the Free Gift! You should try your luck! Maybe you are lucky today!


C. Points Exchange:

Do you have points in your Usfine account? If yes, you can exchange many RS Items or Gold by your points in our Points Exchange System.

Click Here to check what you can exchange!


D. Lucky Draw System is Reopened!

Anyone who has enough Usfine Shopping Points can exchange one chance to do Lucky Draw and Win Free Gold or Items. You can exchange one chance to Draw by 50 Usfine Shopping Points. The rate to Win Free Gold or Items is very big during the Easter Promotion Period!

Click Here to Login and Start Drawing and Win Free Game Stuffs!


Happy Easter to You!!

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