Cooking 1-99 Guide RuneScape

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Hey there, it’s MenaceWars with a Cooking guide, check out my other guides if you enjoy this! This guide shows a guide for a very cheap method and you can make a profit! Published by MenaceWars

It’s MenaceWars with a 1-99 Cooking Guide for the game Runescape!

Ok, from level 1-10 cooking, you will need to cook 50-75 raw meat. Yes this sounds tiring, but don’t worry. It’s not that bad. This would take you over level 10, but remember that at low levels, you tend to burn like half of your meats until a certain level of cooking.
Ok, we’re going to still cook raw meats from level 10-15 cooking. You will need to cook, without a burn, approximately 42 raw meats.
From levels 15-99 possibly! This is most likely the cheapest method as you don’t lose money by doing this, and could possibly make a small profit, 1-3gp each fish.
Or you can cook 15 through 55 cooking with trout.
Now! You have reached 55 cooking, this is where you can use anchovy pizzas to make a small profit, I believe around 30gp each. You can choose to use this for money to cook, other whatever. By the way, you buy the plain pizza and anchovy and use them together. You make money like this and good experience.
Yes, this is not that good of a guide, but I will be fixing this up. Cooking is a quite hard skill to right guides about.

So, good luck.



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