Runescape News: Send us your Specs! - Reminder

Usfine Date: Oct/04/13 12:49:48 Views: 945

When planning future projects or attempting to really push the technology of the RuneScape game, we often come across the same problem: we have no information about everyone's computer hardware. With this kind of information, we could release more RuneScape improvements that make the best use of your system's capabilities.

We have come up with a solution that we'd like you to help us with. We have developed a program that, once downloaded, will tell us the following things about your computer:

  • your operating system
  • your graphics card
  • your CPU
  • your Java version
  • relevant graphical and audio drivers

This program downloads and runs in the same manner as the RuneScape game. We would encourage you to run it on every computer that you use to regularly play RuneScape.

Once we've gathered together all of this information, we can begin planning our future projects and RuneScape improvements to work within these specifications. This means that very few people will miss out on some awesome updates that we have planned!

To begin downloading the program, visit this link. It will guide you through an agreement page to make sure that you understand what is required. The process only takes a few seconds, so you should be back to RuneScape in no time.

NOTE - We would like to remind you that this applet is COMPLETELY secure and official (you can verify this by checking that your address bar states It does not include spyware or any other form of malicious software.

We can guarantee that your information will only be used by Jagex to develop future games and improve RuneScape. It will not be shared with any other organisations. Please only download the program from as this is the only legitimate source.

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