Runescape Firemaking Guide

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Firemaking Guide

Prepare tools : A Tinderbox, you can buy it with 1GP in grocery store, and you should also prepare some GP.

Lvl 1 – lvl 30 :

Prepare 61 logs, 183 Oak Logs ( You can buy them in GE or chop them by yourself.)

Burn them in Varrock ( Price in GE : 5971 GP in total )

Firemaking Guide

Go along with the blue line, ignited a pile of wood along the Blue Line will take a grid. You can also go to Falador, GE or Edgeville to do that.

Lvl 30 – lvl 45 :

Prepare 535 Willow Logs(9,630gp)to burn.

Lvl 45 – lvl 60 : (A)

Prepare 2,358 Willow Logs(42,444gp)to burn.

Lvl 45 – lvl 60 : (B)

Prepare 1,572 Maple Logs(56,592gp)to burn.

Lvl 60 – lvl 99 : (A)

Prepare 141,785 Willow Logs(2,552,130gp)to burn.

Lvl 60 – lvl 99 : (B)

Prepare 94,524 Maple Logs(3,402,864gp)to burn.

Lvl 60 – lvl 99 : (C)

Prepare 63,016 Yew Logs(28,105,136gp)to burn.

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