Runescape News: Grand Exchange Database

Usfine Date: Oct/04/13 12:49:58 Views: 2321

Many of you asked for the ability to view graphs of market values and track item prices as they rise and fall. Well, this week we introduce the Grand Exchange Database Beta, which does exactly that!

Skilled merchants will find the Grand Exchange Database to be an invaluable tool, enabling you to keep an eye on prices as they rise or fall. Get in quick if you wish to buy low and sell high!

If you prefer crushing creatures to trading on the Exchange, why not use the Database to find out the market value of a weapon you want or the value of a drop you have just received?

The Grand Exchange is currently at a 'Beta' stage. This is so that we can listen to the feedback of everyone who uses it and make any necessary changes.

If you have any feedback, please visit the 'GE Database Feedback' thread in the Website Feedback RuneScape Forum.


Where to start using the Grand Exchange Database

Follow the link here to start using the Database. Alternatively, there is a link from the RuneScape front page, below 'QuestHelp'.


None - both members and free players can use the Grand Exchange Database.

Access to:

A visual guide to Grand Exchange market prices and fluctuations!

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