Free RS Gold Giveaways Everyday During Aug 22 to Aug 28.

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Free RS Gold Giveaways Everyday During Aug 22 to Aug 28.


Hey All, School is coming back! Usfine hope all of you guys having had a wonderful holiday! Before the beginning of the school, usfine has decided to lanuch the 2nd Runescape Gold Giveaways Campaign!


As you may still remember, for the previous RS Gold Giayways Day, the Free 500M was “robbed” by 500 Customers in Only 5 minutes!


This time, the Free RS Gold Giveaways will last for 7 days and more customers will be able to get the Free 1M GP.


Please read the following details:

Event: RS Gold Giveaways

Amount: 700M

Date: August 22 - August 28

Time: Start from 00:00:00 PDT Everyday

Place: Usfine Special Deals Page. Click Here to Visit in advance.



1. One customer can only get 1M Free RS Gold in a day. If you have made 2nd order of Free 1M, we will not make the delivery for that 2nd order.

2. You must have Purchase History on in order to take part in this Giveaways. If you do not have any Purchase History, you will not be able to get your Free 1M.

3. You need to login and Click Buy, then confirm the order and you will see your free order’s ID, You do not need to pay since the gold is free.

4. We supply 100M Free Gold Everyday From Aug 22 to Aug 28. If you miss the chance to get your Free 1M, you can try to get it the next day.

5. After you have made your Free 1M Order successfully, please go to our Livechat and our operators will help you arrange the delivery.




Good Luck Guys! Come in time and be fast, the Free GP will belong to you!

All Rights Reserved.

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