Try the FIFA 20 Demo on Xbox One & PS4 release

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The FIFA 20 demo will release on September 10, two weeks before the full game release on September 24. Players that pre-order FIFA 20 Champions or Ultimate editions on PS4, Xbox One, or PC will get access three days early on September 21. Origin Access Premier members on PC will be able to play the full game on September 20, while Origin Access Basic members on PC and EA Access members on Xbox One will also be invited to participate in the Play First Trial on September 10.

Try the FIFA 20 Demo on Xbox One & PS4 release

Also included as part of the FIFA 20 demo is VOLTA FOOTBALL takes you back to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity, and style of the small-sided game.

Pick your gear
From shirts to shoes, sweaters to shorts, equip your avatar with the latest vanity items and unlock more as you progress through in-game challenges.

Global football playgrounds
From an underpass in Amsterdam to a neighborhood cage in London, or a Tokyo rooftop, experience a new side of The World's Game with VOLTA FOOTBALL.

Play it your way
Play 3v3 Rush (No GK’s), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5, and Professional Futsal. In addition, VOLTA FOOTBALL offers different sizes of arenas and environments with and without walls, giving you the freedom to play the beautiful game you

Modes of Play
Build up your squad in VOLTA WORLD, lead your player through the VOLTA STORY Mode, play through Promotion and Relegation in the online VOLTA LEAGUE, or take your favorite professional teams to the streets in VOLTA KICK-OFF.

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