Runescape Smithing Guide (f2p/p2p)

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This guide shows you how to reach smithing 99 in different ways. Published by Asko O.

Table of Contents

Smithing Guide

Smithing Dictionary

Introduction to the Smithing Guide

Basics of Smithing

XP Tables

Key points


Serious Smithing

*The Blast Furnace Method*

The Ultimate method F2P/P2P

The Best “Cheap” Method

Things to speed up the process

Smithing Training Guide

Final Words

Smithing Dictionary

To kick this off we should begin by learning the few words which could come in handy.
The Grand X - The Grand Exchange
Steel - Steel Bars
Iron - Iron Ores
Coal - Coal Ores
Mithril - Mithril Ores
SHI - Superheat Item
Iron Pl8 - Iron plate body
Bar(s) - Created by smithing ores into bars (ex. Iron and two coal into steel)

Introduction to the Smithing Guide

Welcome to my Smithing Guide!
This skill might not be like mining but it can come in handy at some points! Of Course I hope that this will help you out on your way to 70, 85, or maybe even all the way to 99 smithing.
As we know there are a few hard-to-train skills out there, one of them is smithing. A lot of people throw their money in the garbage can (over 130m actually (65m for members)) to get to level 99 smithing. Using a few methods you could get to that level in a cheap and might a little bit more efficient way than just smelting steel all day.

The Basics of Smithing

This step is essential and known by many but it can be an important step to take before continuing onwards.
Smithing is a crafting skill, which might be well known by now. You make your bars out of ores.
Lower levels will have a slower rate of gaining experience than higher levels but with this method you could probably get to those high levels without any pain.
To be able to train smithing you will need to be able to use a hammer and a furnace.

XP Tables

This part does not call to the dictionary.

Ores –> Bars : experience.
Bronze - 6.2xp/bar created
Blurite - 8xp/bar created
Iron - 12,5xp/bar created
Silver - 13,7xp/bar created
Steel - 17,5xp/bar created
Gold - 22,5xp/bar created
Gold (gauntlets)* - 56,2xp/bar created
Mithril - 30xp/bar created
Adamantite - 37,5xp/bar created
Runite - 50xp/bar created

Elemental - 7.5/bar created

Bars –> Items

Bronze - 12,5xp/bar used
Blurite* - 17,5xp/bar used
Iron - 25xp/bar used (except sheet which gives 20xp/bar used)
Steel - 37,5xp/bar used (except cannonballs:25,5xp and studs: 25xp/bar used)
Mithril - 50exp/bar used
Adamantite - 62,5xp/bar used
Runite - 75xp/bar used

Dragon plate body gives 2000xp when created
Dragon sq shield gives 75xp when created
Godswords - God swords gives 200xp when created
Creating arcane, divine or elysian spirit shield - gives 1800xp when created
Dragonfire shield - Gives 2000xp when created

**Gold Bowl gives 30xp/bar used when created (bars got a chance to be destroyed with the result of no bowls created)

**Golden Helmet gives 30xp when created

**Elemental Armor - 20xp/item created

* P2P
**Quest bound items

Key Points

* Creating bars gives you experience depending on what ores you use
* You need different level to create different bars/ items
* Any bars that require a smithing level of 30 or above needs coals
* There are a few exceptions in the point above, Gold is one of them.


A F2P is very limited on what he/she can use to lower the weight, it’s recommended to wear nothing but a fire staff/air staff.
A P2P got a little bit more choices, Boots of lightness, Spotty/spottier cape and penance gloves.
Except the items above holiday items usually is the best to wear (members should still wear the items above), doesn’t impact your weight that much and gives you a nice look which also improves how much you want to keep training smithing.

Serious Smithing

There are a few ways to train smithing, I am going to show you a few of these.
I would recommend number one and number four.
Number one if you want fast experience and number four is almost as fast but the big difference is that number one is only depending on player activity instead of both activity and skill. Also number four can be boring in the long run.
Important Notification Before You Continue:
Always buy the materials needed to create steel before buying any more iron ore and nature runes. (ex when it says buy 600 iron and 800 coal and 200 nature runes always buy 400 iron ores and 800 coals, bank those. If you are going just to buy iron bars straight away (skipping the SHI) means that you should buy iron bars for the money that you got left after buying the 400 iron and 800 coals, if you decide to buy ores and nature runes you should use this calculation:
(Money you got left after buying 400 iron ores and 800 coals)/(price of iron ore+price of nature runes)= (number of iron ores and nature runes you are going to buy)
you got 50k money after buying the materials the price of the iron ore is 100gp and nature runes is 230 gp (Use the Grand X to find out the prices):
50000/(100+230) = ~152 iron ores and nature runes (151,52 iron ores and nature runes)

Method one:
My method: (requires level 33 smithing, 43 magic (43 magic can be skipped) This method works like the steel method explained above, only difference is that this time you do not care about making so much money instead you want to make experience. How you do it is explained further down in the guide. This method gives one 10-14,5k experience per hour depending on player activity. The idea with this is that you should make about 400 steel per hour, starting with 200k buy 400 iron and 800 coal from the Grand X. Teleport to Lumbridge and walk to al’kharid (or equivalent place for members shown on the “maps” section) smelt yourself 400 steel then head to the Grand X and sell them.
now it’s time to stock up again to start the process over:
here is a two way choice:
a. Buy 600 iron and 800 coal and 200 nature runes. Now SHI 200 iron into iron bars
b. Buy 400 iron and 800 coal and 300 iron bars.
The final step is to take out a hammer and two “space-holders” like two jugs or something and 25 iron bars. Then head to the smithing anvil in Varrock and create iron pl8 bodies of your bars this takes from 4-6 minutes depending on if you bought your iron bars or SHIed them, also keep in mind that it takes about 4-6 minutes to superheat the iron ores therefore the b-choice seems better (use a-choice if you want magic XP too not much but it adds up) Sell the iron pl8 bodies to the general store then repeat the process with the 400 iron and 800 coal you now have in bank
400*17,5 = 7000
300*25 = 7500
7000+7500 = 14,5
Time taken: about 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes
14500/1 = 14500
(14500/4800)*3600 = 10875
Experience earned per hour: 10875-14500xp

Method two:
A lot of people doesn’t care if they lose a lot of money and they decides to make experience off it instead. This might be the fastest but not the cheapest way.
What you do is that for all your spare change that you got, buys a lot of steel/mithril bars and smith into steel/mithril pl8bodies. This gives you the best experience per hour depending on player activity and if you use steel or mithril bars.
Members got the ability to use Stealing Creation tools meaning doubled experience
3000*(xp/smithed bar into item)=
3000*37,5 (steel) = 112500 xp per hour
3000*75 (rune) = 225000 xp per hour

Method three:
Another method which we can understand is pretty easy to afk to is “the woodcutter”
even if this method is not the best way I decided to take it into this anyway:
A woodcutter cuts about 100-200 yew logs per hour meaning a profit of 43-86k per hour. One sell their logs and buy 168-336 iron bars. Meaning a profit of 3,8-7,6k experience in smithing per hour, once again members can use better place to chop yews and the stealing creation tools meaning they can reach experiences of ~16k with this method.
28 yew logs takes in between 6-12 minutes to chop leading to 100-200 yew logs per hour.
100*430 = 43000
200*30 = 86000
43000/250 = 172 iron bars bought per hour (smithing time 3,44 minutes)
86000/250 = 344 iron bars bought per hour (smithing time 6,88 minutes)
lets say it takes 1 hour 10 minutes to get 175/350 iron bars smithed:
((175*25)/4200)*3600 = 3750 xp per hour
((350*25)/4200)*3600 = 7500 xp per hour

Method four:
Another way is to make mithril bars, this is a well known way to make money as this gives you about 90-100k GP per hour. Although even if you decide to spend that money on iron in order to make bars then smith into iron pl8 bodies, this method is not fast enough. Also it requires level 60 mining, 50 smithing and 43 magic, this method gives around 3-4k depending on the players activity and mining skill.
when this is done you should use that 90-100k per hour and buy iron bars and create iron pl8 bodies giving you about 8k experience. Therefore this method gives you in between 10-12k per hour.
you make 22 mithril bars per run, every run takes 12 minutes to complete meaning 5 runs per hour = 22*5 = 110 bars created per hour
110*30 = 3300
profit is 90-100k per hour
90000/250 = 360 iron bars bought per hour
100000/250 = 400 iron bars bought per hour
360*25 = 9000
400*25 = 10000
9000+3300 or 10000+3300 = 12800-13300xp per hour

Method five:
Steel, This is also a highly used method, one buys ores off The Grand X and makes steel out of them and then one resells them to the Grand X for a high profit.
This method only require level 30 smithing. Sadly the experience rate is awful, about 6-7k per hour depending on player activity.
you make 360 steel per hour (slow clicker)
you make 420 steel per hour (fast clicker)
360*17,5 = 6300 xp per hour
420*17,5 = 7350 xp per hour

Method six:
Mithril pl8 bodies: (requires level 68 smithing, 55 magic and 60 mining)
this method is building on number two but instead it gives you another ability to create a bit more experience over time. Although this is not as good as number four since you wont make as much cash and definitely not the same experience: 7200+ xp/ hour. What you do is that you bring nature runes, a fire staff and a mining pickaxe (wear the fire staff). You start off by mining 22 mithril then SHI them into bars using 4 coal per mithril. Now when you got a full inventory of mithril bars head to the bank and bank them, do this until almost all your nature runes is used up (lets say you bought 132 nature runes then you should do this until you have used up 110 nature runes leaving 22 for high alching the mithril pl8 bodies. When high alched go to the grand exchange and buy 160 iron bars and another 132 nature runes.
Smith the bars into pl8 bodies taking 3,2 minutes of your time giving you 4k experience. This method gives you therefore in between 10-13k experience per hour.
110 bars per hour
22 mithril pl8 bodies per hour
110*30 = 3300
110*50 = 5500
you will now have 40040 gp to buy iron bars for, do that.
40040/250 = 160 iron bars
160*25 = 4000
5500+3300+4000 = 12800 xp per hour.
add an extra 15 minutes meaning that you will make:
(12800/4500)*3600 = 10240 xp per hour.

Method seven:

When I finally reached my level 70 smithing I stumbled across something nice. It was the adamantite bars. Not only does these babies have a chance to give you money (up to 260k per hour if you are that lucky to get the ores cheap) but it also gives you another way to get to 99 smithing. This is although not a cheap method since you are going to need 9m gp. What you do is that you buy adamantite ores, coal and a nature rune (1 adamantite, 6 coal 1 nature rune) depending on how much cash you got. Every experience costs 0,72gp (loss 27gp per bar, 37,5xp made per bar (27/37,5) this might be the most efficient way to make levels in smithing since it will give you alot of experience per hour and it’s F2P! Members should use the blast furnace to earn some money on the way. or 91 runecraft members should make their own nature runes and do this method instead of using the blast furnace. Remember to SHI the adamantite ores and coals into bars and also meaning you will never ever have to leave the Grand X like all other methods.
Though you can depending on how patient you are you could buy the ores and runes at lowest but I bought mine at the following prices:
Item worth (2009-04-13):
Coal: 177*6
Adamantite ore: 1017
Nature rune: 223
Total Price for one bar: 2302gp
Adamantite bar is worth 2317gp
XP per hour: 37,5*9*120=40500xp

*The Method for P2P*
(This builds on method 1)
Method eight:
only difference here is that we are going to use something else instead of a hammer. Everybody knows the stealing creation, easy to get points. Well you are going to use it in order to earn some more experience.
The items:
Volatile Tool
This item costs 20 Points.
The Volatile tool is a omni-tool which can change into one of several different tools. When you command it to change, it will randomly turn into a pickaxe, hatchet, butterfly net, hammer, knife, harpoon, or needle. These are used exactly the same as a normal tool, but provide a boost that doubles the experience you would ordinarily gain while using them. The tool will be able to be of use a few times (the time depends upon your level in the skill) before returning to the natural form; after ten changes, you will need to pay points to have it recharged.
Morphic Tool
This item costs 20 Points.
The Morphic tool is exactly the same as the Volatile tool, but you can choose which tool it transforms into. It also grants double normal experience, but will last a varying amount of charges depending on your level in the relevant skill. This number, however, will always be less than that of the volatile tool.
So what does this mean for members?
Well first:
400 steel = 7000 experience (400*17,5)
SHI 200 iron = 2500 experience (200*12,5)
Smith 200 iron bars = 10000 experience (25*200*2)
Total experience: ~19,25k (depending on the speed that you use to complete this method, this can go up to 21k per hour)
Now we most take into account that it takes time to get The Volatile Tool or The Morphic Tool

*The Blast Furnace method*

So once in a while this method comes along, although it might be trickier than you think.
The Blast Furnace is a underestimated mini game. People say it’s bad because you get so low experience in there, some say they lose money and some might even say that the ores in the store never is enough.
This section is going to show you why some of those thoughts are incorrect.
Okay remember that members have way easier to earn money, we are going to use that idea to create something nice.
Every bag of 23 mithril bars takes about four minutes to get.
Every run takes six minutes to do (flawlessly including the bar smithing part)
How much do I earn?
Well the blast furnace is the trickiest thing to actually do something to earn off.
although making mithril pl8 bodies for faster experience it would be smarter to create mithril arrowheads as they usually sells for more.
Cost (G.E. MAX prices): (265+81) + (188*2+45) = 346+ 421 = 767 gp per bar created.
Earning (may vary) : 55*15 = 825 gp per bar smithed.
Profit (may vary) : 825-767 = 58 per bar used.
10*23*50 = 11500
10*23*30 = 6900
Total experience:
18400xp per hour

We must take into account that you have to repair the pipes/cogs. Therefore you should add an extra two minutes runs (repairing) this means that you wont do ten runs per hour (230 mithril bars) you will do 7-8 runs per hour (161-184 mithril bars per hour)
7*23*50 or 8*23*50 = 8050 or 9200
7*23*30 or 8*23*30 = 4830 or 5520
Total experience:
12880 to 14720xp per hour
Also take into account that if you brought a Morphic tool you could use that but it’s not recommended:
7*23*50*2 or 8*23*50*2 or 10*23*50*2 = 16100 or 18400 or 23000
7*23*30 or 8*23*30 or 10*23*30 = 4830 or 5520 or 6900
leading up to 20930 to 29900 xp per hour
What you do is this:
1. Buy Mithril for max price (market price if you got the patience)
2. Buy twice the amount of Coal at G.E. for max price (or market price if you got the patience)
3. Head to the blast furnace, bring the ores that you bought in notes, take a hammer/morphic tool and some cash (81+45*(amount of mithril bars you are going to create)) with you.
4. Use notes on the guy (Do not sell them to him)
5. Spend 81gp/mithril and 22,5gp/coal to unnote them at that guy.
6. Put the ores in the blast furnace
7. Do the solo method (or try to go with clan mates to this place)
8. Smith your bars into mithril arrowheads
9. repeat from step 4.
You earn pretty much experience per hour, a little faster than the steel/iron pl8 method but still better and more fun since you are at he same place at all time.

The Ultimate Method F2P / P2P:

This is truly the best “power” smithing method out there, notice that this can be tricky if you ain’t a experienced merchant.
F2P / P2P
Merchanting or merching is a long term friend, although everyone does not have the ability to recreate the scenario, this is not recommended for F2P but can be done.
This is a good idea for P2P since you could easily earn about 2m GP and up per day, lets say you are a skilled merchant and can earn oh lets say 4,8m a day. That brings us to a hourly profit of 200k.
200000/250 = 800 iron bars per hour. 800*25 = 20000 experience per hour.
Notice that it takes 16 minutes to smith 800 iron bars.
If you are one of those only to be logged in for about 1-3 hours a day then this is perfect since if the profit were to be 4,8m a day, you log in the next day and buy yourself iron bars for that profit you made over night. Beginning again to merchant, while your gold is on the trip to Karamja or maybe Hawaii you start smithing your iron bars while waiting for the hours to pass. This means a total experience profit of 75k per hour.
P2P notification:
During this time that you wait for your items to get sold you could spend some time in Stealing Creation gaining the Morphic Tool. This is a great idea since it doubles your experience for a certain amount of time meaning that you will get from 40-150k experience per hour when you start to smith your bars.
Nice huh?
********* NOTE *********
Always get the Morphic Tool

The Best “Cheap” method

So the main part of how to do this, it’s as simple going in nine steps:
Step 1. Start by spending 200k on 400 iron and 800 coal in the Grand X
Step 2. Use “Home teleport to Lumbridge” or “Teleport to Lumbridge”
Step 3. Head to al’kharid and smelt yourself 400 steel
Step 4. Head to the Grand X and sell your steels
Step 5. Stocking up; Buy 800 coal, 600 iron and 200 nature runes
Step 6. SHI 200 iron into iron bars (or just buy 265 iron bars instead if you cant SHI)
Step 7. Make iron pl8 bodies of your 200/265 iron bars (this takes 4-5,3 minutes)
Step 8. Sell your Iron pl8 bodies that you made to a general store
Step 9. Repeat from step 2

Things to speed up the process

Remember me telling you about the fire staff above? Well you are going to need it very well.
You could need a few law runes and a few air runes (or fire runes if you choosed air staff.)
If you are a member the completion of the ghost quest is a great idea since you have a new place to smith at. Use your ectophial to get there.

Smithing Training Guide

Recommended Levels
Training smithing begins at level 1, this is also the recommended level.
Recommended Equipment
F2P: fire/air staff, members; fire/air staff, spotty/spottier cape, penance gloves, boots of lightness.
Recommended Inventory
1-29 - 20 lobsters, a pickaxe.
30 - 33 - 9 iron 18 coals
33+ - 9 iron 18 coals
The method
Begin with doing the Knight’s swords quest, this makes you get level 29 smithing.
You now want to get 30 smithing so you could create steel, Buy a few iron bars (get the money from Stronghold of security or by somehow farm for your money). At level 30 buy iron and coal and train your smithing to 33 by making steel.
When you have 300 iron and 600 coal in your bank (When you have made this process and bought new ores) it’s time to begin, even if you do not have 33 smithing smelt your 300 iron and coal into steel then sell, buy iron and SHI them into bars (or just buy the iron bars and make iron pl8 legs of them) when you reach 33 smithing it’s time to do this process but instead make iron pl8 bodies. (this method is repeatable to level 99). A little note to you: When you reach level 60 smithing the training gets tougher, multitasking will be necessary. Make your steel while you read a book or something.
World Hopping
It can get “super-ultra-hyper-extra-boring” to be alone, to keep motivated try to compete against other players, try to beat your own time smithing this:)

Final Words

Thank you for spending your time reading, hopefully this helped you a lot.

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