Runescape 's runecrafting Rapid leveling-up

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Runecrafting Rapid leveling-up

Requiremenrs : Finish quest Rune Mysteries.

Items prepared:

An Air Tiara

An Earth Tiara

A Fire Tiara(Optional)

A Body Tiara

Runes for transfer to Varrock and Falador(Optional)

Red circle represent the transfer place. Yellow circle is altar. Red line marks the line of transferring.

Lvl 1 – lvl 9

Make Air Runes, there are two methods. Plz check the picture.

Runecrafting Rapid leveling-up

You can choose transfer or not. Tranferring is quicker but more expensive.

Lvl 9 – lvl 14:

Make Earth Runes, tranferring is quicker but more expensive.

Runecrafting Rapid leveling-up

Lvl 14 – lvl 20:

If you used transfer, you can continue make Earth Runes. Or you can start making Fire Runes now.

Attention : Non-member’s cant be transferred to Al-Kharid or Duel Arena. It was proved that running to Al-Kharid is quicker than running Duel Arena.

Runecrafting Rapid leveling-up

Lvl 20 – lvl 99

You can make Body Runes now tilll you get to level 99.

PS : You can practice your magic with the Body Runes. For more details, please check Magic leveling guide lvl 19 – lvl 43.

Runecrafting Rapid leveling-up

Although you can be transferred to Falador and deposit items in the bank, it is slower and more expensive then go to Edgeville bank.

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