Runescape News: Future PvP Updates

Usfine Date: Oct/04/13 12:48:56 Views: 2581

The most frequent request we have received over the last few months has been to put more PvP back into the game. We want to let you know that this request hasn't gone unheard, and that we've put a lot of research into how we can introduce new PvP mechanisms. The aim is for PvP content that better replaces the old Wilderness, but without reintroducing RWT.

Hopefully, you’re already aware of the imminent Clan Wars release (see the September Behind the Scenes in a couple of weeks for more information), but there are also plans afoot for the most exciting and "old school" PvP update we have ever considered – unique PvP worlds.

As many of our long term players know, in the old RuneScape Classic days you could actually fight players just outside the gates of Lumbridge, before the days of duelling and even before the days of the old Wilderness itself. Players could hunt each other down, chasing them away from favourite resource points and generally "owning" large areas of the map.

So, in 2008, we will be bringing you special 'PvP worlds', where you can fight other players almost anywhere! In addition to all the usual content you might expect to find in RuneScape, they will also include:

  • Optional sign-up – choose between PvP danger or stick to ordinary play by simply switching worlds.
  • High danger with items dropped on death.
  • High rewards for kills. To avoid any RWT issues the reward for a successful PK will be generated by the game, similar to when you kill a monster at the moment. We're creating generous drop tables based on factors like your levels and the impressiveness of the kill.
  • These drop tables will include "PvP world specific" items like XP-modifying gear, lvl 70+ equipment and new, glorious, short-term but hard hitting gear. These will once again make PKing a viable source of income.
  • PvP across 99% of the world, including the old Wilderness.
  • Attack any player within a certain level of your own. Level range depends on the area, similar to the old Wilderness levels.
  • ...And all sorts of other twists on interesting content... Just think of the possibilities when you can PK anywhere!
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