Random Events in runescape

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The Basics

Sometimes you may find yourself being distracted by a Random Event in RuneScape, which you should always respond to. There are 2 main kinds of events that can happen; skill-specific events, and events that could happen at any time. Skill-specific events will only occur while training a certain skill, and they won't happen at any other time.

An important thing to remember about Random Events is that you should always pay attention to the game and respond to the events quickly, depending on what kind of event it is. Otherwise, you could find yourself on the other side of RuneScape, or even worse--in Lumbridge.

Unlocking Event Rewards

Some Random Events will give rewards such as equipment sets. These include the Camo, Zombie, Lederhosen and Mime clothing sets. Once you've collected all of the pieces of the set, you'll receive 500gp in place of the clothing.

Common Events

Events that can happen at any time while you're playing RuneScape are called Common Events, since some of them can happen quite often. Most of these events are helpful to you if your respond to them in a short amount of time, but they can also become dangerous if you ignore them for too long.

Drunken Dwarf

Drunken DwarfThis Dwarf that has clearly had too much to drink (which you can tell by his slurred speech and staggering movements) will share a tasty Kebab and Beer with you after talking to him. If you wait too long, he'll throw small projectiles at you.


After talking to this friendly blue Genie, he'll give you a magic LampLamp, which youGenie can rub to gain experience in a skill of your choice (xp=skill level * 10). If you don't talk to him, you may find yourself teleported to a random location, or your items scattered on the ground.

Mysterious Old Man

Old ManThis old man will give you a gift ranging from a small stack of coins to gems or a Spinach Roll if you speak to him. If you ignore him, he might teleport you to a random place. By talking to the old man, he may also either give you a Strange Box, or teleport you to a Maze or Mime Stage:

Strange BoxStrange Box With Numbers - You must open this box and answer the simple question to get a small reward. If you wait too long, the box will continue to duplicate itself until your entire inventory is filled up!

Number Based box

Maze - You just need to manage to find your way to the center of the maze, in which time you'll be rewarded. The quicker you get there, the better your prize will be. Here is map of the maze, with the different routes to the center in different colors:

A map of the different routes to the center of the maze

Mime Stage - Both you and a Mime will be up on stage, and you'll need to watch the Mime and see what he does for an action. Then repeat it when you're in the spotlight by clicking on the action in the chat box. Continue doing this until you are teleported out. You could get a Mime Mask, Robe, Pants, Gloves or an extra emotion to use.

Strange Plant

Strange fruitThis odd plant will slowly grow next to you, and once it's fully-grown you'll be able to pick the Strange Fruit and the plant will shrivel up. The fruit will restore 10% of your energy when it's eaten. If you don't pick the fruit, the plant will attack and poison you.

Strange Plant


From time to time, a swarm of bees may become angry at you for some reason, and decide to start attacking you! The best thing to do would be to run from them, since they can't be killed.


Freaky Forester

This Freak Forester may appear at any time and teleport you to a jungle. He will order you to kill a Pheasant that he will choose, and if you bring back the correct dead Pheasant he will reward you with some of his special clothing known as Lederhosen.

Freak Forrester

Green Frogs

A small army of green Frogs may appear, and you'll be asked to kiss the Prince or Princess frog wearing a crown. Once you kiss it, you'll be given a Token that is exchangeable at the Varrock Clothing Shop for a Frog Mask or a Prince/Princess Costume.

Frog Princess


Rick Turpentine, the famous Highwayman will try and give you some free items to make up for the bad things that he's done in the past. But if you ignore him for too long he will attack you!

Rick turpentine

Quiz Master

When the Quiz Master appears he will teleport you to his quiz room will you will play the game "Odd One Out."

Quix master

The idea is very simple. You will be shown a small screen with three spinning objects on it and you must choose the one that doesn't belong. Take the picture below for example.

Pick the odd one out

On the left is a helmet, in the center is a pair of secateurs, and at the far right is a spade. Since the items in the right and center are gardening items, the helmet would be the odd one out. There are more combinations of items, and you may or may not get the one shown in the example, but it's very easy to complete this Random Event. Once you have correctly chosen four odd items in a row, the Quiz Master will tell you that you have won.

Select your prize

Mystery boxYou will be given the options of receiving 1,000gp or a Mystery Box. The mystery box will contain an random item from Scimitars to Cabbage. Once you select which prize you want, you will be returned to where you were taken from.

Evil Chicken

Not every Chicken is harmful... This one packs a punch! A Chicken who's combat level is based on yours may appear and attack you with magic. He will commonly drop Bones, an Egg, Raw Chicken and lots of Feathers.

An Evil chicken!

Evil Bob

At any time, Evil Bob may kidnap you and bring you to his island of ScapeRune, where everything is backwards. He'll make you his slave, and you'll never be able to leave!

First, open up a chest to get an Amulet of Manspeak to wear, in order to understand the cats. Speak to another slave to find that Bob will fall asleep if you give him a fish. Pick up a Fishing Net and start fishing, until you get a Cooked Fish. When you try and give it to Bob, he'll say that he wants it uncooked. Use it on the Cold Fire nearby to uncook it and give it to him.

You may need to do this again until he falls asleep. After that, just step through the portal to be returned to RuneScape. You'll receive 500 Fishing experience after completing this random event. For more info, please see the ScapeRune section of this guide.

The Three Brothers

Miles, Niles and Giles (the Draynor Village certificate brothers) may happen to pass by and greet you. Be sure to talk to them, or they'll turn an item in your Backpack into Bank Notes! You must find the item that they are looking for to got a prize.


Jekyll and Hyde

Dr. Jekyll may appear, and it seems that he needs some help with his potion before he transforms into Mr. Hyde! Speak to him before he changes, or you'll be dealing with a monster!

Mr Hyde

Cap'n Hand

While training any skill, Cap'n Hand may appear and ask for your attention. Speak with him to receive a small gift, usually some gp. If you ignore him, he will attack you.

Cap'n Hand

Drill Demon

You may be teleported by a Drill Demon who will tell you to do some push-ups, sit-ups, and other activities. There will be several mats around, each for a specific activity, and when you click on one you'll start doing one of the exercises. When he tells you to do an exercise and you pick the correct mat, he will tell you to do another.

If you manage to do them all correctly and in a certain amount of time, he will give you some Camo armor. The better you do, the better the chance of receiving multiple pieces of Camo armor. Even if you don't do very well he'll give you something!

Sandwich Lady

A Sandwich Lady may appear, and when you speak to her you can pick a food of her choice. If you pick the wrong one, she'll throw the food you were supposed to pick and you will faint. You will respawn in a random place in RuneScape.

Sandwich Lady


You get teleported to a room with a lady called Molly in. Talk to her, and she tells you that her sister has been doing bad stuff in RuneScape, but she gets blamed. She has caught her sister in a room, but some innocent ladies also got captured. You have only two tries to capture her sister. Her sister is also her twin, and so she is exactly like Molly, also with the same clothes.

Go through the door to the next room. Here you will find a gate, with some women on the other side. Click on the control panel to use it.

Control Panel

Click near the joystick to use it. Guide the "Grab" to Molly's twin and press the red button near the joystick. She will be captured! Go back through the door to Molly and she will give you your prize!

Joystick Molly

Security Guard

He will appear and encourage you to explore the "Stronghold of Security." He will give you a Security Book (unless you already have one in your inventory of bank) to help you make your way there but if you have already done so he will give you a small gift as a reward.

Security Guard

Pinball Wizard

This Random event will happen at any time and it is a Mysterious Old Man event. He will appear and teleport you there, and you will find yourself in a small pinball machine! However, you are not the one who controls the ball... You are the ball! To get away, you must tag 10 pillars in a row correctly. You must tag the Flashing Pole by clicking on it. If you tag the wrong pole, you will have your score reset, and you will have to start over again. Also, if you try to leave before having tagged all 10 poles, the two trolls guarding the exit, Flippa and Tilt, will bash you back in!

Pinball wizard

Postie Pete

Postie petePostie can appear out of nowhere and hop around talking. You do not have to talk to him. If you do he will talk about where he's going, what he's doing, or something random.

Surprise Exam

Every once in a while, the wise old man will appear and take you to a classroom, taught by Mr. Mordaut the Dragon, to brush up on your knowledge.

Mr Mordaut the dragon (teacher)

You will then have a series of questions. You only need to get three correct to finish the event.

The first type of questions involve finding the next object in a pattern. The pattern is at the top of the screen, and the choices for the next object are on the bottom.

What comes next?

In the above example, the next object would be the anti-dragonfire shield, because the three objects in the pattern are all shields.

The other type of question involves 15 objects. First, you read the clue on the right, and then select the three objects out of the 15 that are most relevant to the clue.

Read the clue, and select the three relevant items

In this one, the clue talks about the ranging skill, so the three objects would be the bow, the crossbow, and the arrows.

When you get a question correct, Mr. Mordaut will say:

Mr Mordaut: Wonderful! Keep up the good work.

Once you have correctly answered three questions, Mr. Mordaut will tell you:

Mr Mordaut: WELL DONE!

Now, to leave, use the door Mr. Mordaut specifies.

Mr Mordaut: To exit, use the [color] square door in the southeast...

Go to the door with the specified color square on it to leave.

Book of knowledgeOnce you leave, you will be rewarded with a book of knowledge. When you open the book, you will get a screen similar to the genie lamp.

Choose the stat  you wish to be advanced!

Choose the skill you want and you will be given 15 times the level of the skill you choose in experience.

Wearing a dunce hat

Farming Events

These events may happen while your Farming your crops.

Flying Rake Head

After raking away the weeds from your Farming plots, your Rake's head may become loose and fly off the handle! Just pick the head up and re-attach it to the handle by using the head with the handle.

Flying Spade Head

This is very similar to the "Flying Rake Head" event - simply re-attach your Spade head to the handle to fix it.

Capt' Arnav

Every so often while Farming, Capt' Arnav may show up and tell you that you're planting seeds where he once buried his treasure. He's getting old, and may need some help with opening the chest. You'll see a Puzzle Screen show up with 3 columns with rotating Gold Rings, Necklaces, Bars and Coins.

Capt' Arnav

You'll see a word below each column, and that's the item that you need to put into the center row of that column. Use the cursors at the top and bottom to move the item into the middle and unlock the chest. He will give you a token of thanks and leave if you help him, but if you fail you will be hit over the head and sent to a random place!

Fishing Events

These events will only occur while you're fishing.

Big Fish

After fishing for some time, a Big Fish may jump out of the water and 'toss' your equipment a short distance from you. Just pick them up and go back to fishing.

Big fish

River Troll

You may be attacked by a River Troll while fishing, and usually they're a higher level than you are. You can either run away, or stay and fight it. They commonly drop Fishing Bait and assorted fish.

River troll

Whirlpools & Moving Fish

A Whirlpool may appear in your fishing spot, and you'll need at least level 76 fishing to catch the fish. There's also a chance that you'll lose your fishing equipment in the Whirlpool. The fishing spot will also move when the Whirlpool has disappeared, but they can move at any time as well.


Location-Specific Events

At anytime in the Lost City of Zanaris, one of these silly things may happen to you! These are just for fun, so don't get freaked out if it's your first time seeing one of these. These events only happen while you're standing still.

Zanaris Choir

This silly choir may come out of no-where, and saying random goofy stuff, like "Are you making cosmic runes? Can we come along?" or "Leave us alone!".

Zanaris Choir

Storm Cloud

This storm cloud may appear over any unlucky visitors of Zanaris, so don't forget to bring your umbrella!

Stormy Cloud

Morph-Into Chicken

At anytime, you may morph into a chicken for a few seconds. But don't worry, you will transform back!

Morph into a chicken!

"Urge to Dance"

Your character, might all of a sudden get an urge to dance, and will dance automatically. Yes, it is kind of embarrassing, but you can't do anything about it.

Suddenly I have an overwhelming urge to dance!


The Seer's Village and Lletya flax fields are popular areas for fletchers, but no one really cares about the the neighboring beehives... Those old hives need to be fixed and maintained regularly. The beekeepers can't do it alone! They will pick on unwary flax pickers to do their job.

The task consists of reassembling the beehive. There are 4 parts. The 4 parts will be spinning around. To stop it from spinning, click on it. Then, use the arrows at the bottom of the interface to move the selected part over the other parts. Make sure the pieces are correctly one over each other as demonstrated on the example hive on the interface.

If you do not fix it correctly, some bees will come after you! You will have to run off and jump in some water. If you succeed, you will be given some Flax and taken back to where you were.

Magic Events

While using Magic, you may find that these events occur.

Lost and Found Office

There's a chance that your teleportation spell goes bad and you'll find yourself in a small Abyss room. You'll also see a message like this:

Stuck in the Abyss! Operate toe Appendage to leave.

You'll have to find out which lever is different from the others in order to get back to RuneScape.

Abyssal Service Apology

Then you will receive the kind of Runes that you were using, to make up for the mistake. So, if you were teleporting to Varrock, you would receive a Law Rune, 3 Air Runes and 1 Fire Rune. If you were teleporting to the Rune Essence Mine, you will instead receive 8 Pure Rune Essence.

Mining Events

There are several things that will only happen to you while Mining.

Smoking RockExploding Rocks

If you see a steaming rock while mining, you shouldn't mine from it. If you do, the rock will explode and destroy your pickaxe, but it's nothing that Nurmof in the Dwarven Mines can't fix for you... for a price. But don't forget, you'll also take some damage as well!

Flying Pickaxe Head

After mining for awhile, pickaxe heads tend to become loose, and they may fly off. If this happens, just pick it up from the ground where it landed and re-attach it to the handle.

Take Pickaxe Head

Rock Golem

You may awaken a Rock Golem while mining, and if you do you can either run or fight it. Beware, they can also throw rocks at you! They usually drop ores and different kinds of pickaxes, and sometimes even Talismans used in Runecrafting.

Rock golem

Prayer Events

These events will only occur while you are burying bones.


While burying bones, a Shade may appear and attack you. You can either run from it, or stay and fight. They drop Shade Robes and piles of bones after you kill them.


Much like a Shade, a Zombie may climb out of the ground and attack you while you're burying bones. If you decide to kill it, the Zombie could drop various, multiple sets of bones, Runes or Talismans.


While burying bones, Gravedigger Leo may appear and ask for your help. He will teleport you to a tomb with 5 graves, 2 in the first row and 3 in the second, each one containing a coffin. He says that he has misplaced some coffins and you need to put them in the right place.

Just take it one grave spot at a time. Examine each headstone to see what goes where. Check the coffins to see who they were (Example: the Chef has the Chef Hat as a headstone, as well as a cake and a few other cooking things) if you get them all right, Leo will reward you with 1 or 2 articles of Zombie clothing.

As everyone seems to be getting them in the same order, you will probably receive them as: Zombie Shirt and Boots, Zombie Pants and Gloves, and finally a Zombie Mask. There are also emotes to be had, including "Zombie Walk" and "Zombie Dance." Please see the Leo the Gravedigger section of this guide for more info.

Thieving Events

You could come across these events while stealing from Market Stalls, looting chests, or Pick-pocketing NPC's.

Pillory Guards

In this thieving event you get magically teletransported to a pillory around RuneScape. There are several spots where you can find the Pillory, and the place you get trapped stealing has nothing to do to the place you get teletransported, it's completely random. In there will be a NPC which will throw rotten tomatoes at you, plus people can buy rotten tomatoes from stall close and throw them at you.

Pillory Guard

You will need to solve 3 little puzzles in which you need to select the correct key (down) for the lock (left). You will need to to this 3 times in order to free. But careful, the keys and the lock spin, so be careful. Once you solve the 3 puzzles you will be teleported to the same place where you got teleported out off, plus you will get a reward of coins.

Poison Gas

Sometimes a chest will be filled with poisonous gas, and when you open it you'll continue to be damaged until you leave the area.


While thieving, these tough guards will attack you. They usually drop coins and Runes once you've killed them.

Woodcutting Events

Sometimes 1 of these random events will occur while you're chopping wood.


The tree you're chopping may become an Ent, and if you continue chopping away at it, the Ent will attack you and damage your hatchet. You'll need to bring your hatchet back to Bob's Axes in Lumbridge to have it repaired.


Tree Spirit

While chopping wood, an angry Tree Spirit may appear from the forest and attack you. Often times they will drop various hatchets and Nature Runes if you decide to kill it.

Tree spirit

Bird's Nest

Bird nestFrom time to time a bird's nest will drop out of the tree carrying with it items ranging from various rare seeds to different rings, gems, and birds eggs you can use for your Summoning Skill! The chances of getting a Bird's Nest will be increased when wearing a Lucky Rabbit's Foot.

A dropped bird nest


There are currently 2 versions of Evil Bob's "ScapeRune" event.

The Island

Scaperune Island

In this version of ScapeRune, you find yourself on an extremely remote island with only 3 inhabitants, including Evil Bob and his 2 human servants.

ScapeRune servants

Talk to the female servant. She will tell you that Evil Bob loves fish and which statue to fish near (look closely and remember the statue). Now pick up a net and head to the statue that you saw (there is one in every cardinal (north, south, east and west) direction of the island).

A statue of Evil Bob

Now fish for a bit in the right spot and you will get a Cooked Fish.Cooked fish

Walk to the center of the island to the uncooking pots. Uncook the fish and you will get a Raw Fish. Raw fish

Scaperune Fire

Next, walk to evil bob and use the fish with him. After one or two fish, he will fall asleep. You can have a semi-romantic departing conversation with the servant of the opposite gender but at any time, you can leave ScapeRune.

Feed Evil Bob

You will gain 500 fishing experience and it will all be over. But was it all just a dream?

Prison Pete

In this version of ScapeRune, you will find yourself locked behind 3 barriers along with Prison Pete. You must pop balloon animals for keys to unlock the 3 barriers holding you captive.

Prison Pete

Walk to the lever beside Prison Pete and pull it. It should tell you which balloon animal to pop.

Pop the correct balloon animal to find a key

Now, walk to the balloon animal that appeared on your screen and select pop balloon animal.

Pop Balloon Animal

KeyYou should now receive a key - take this to Prison Pete and he will unlock a barrier.

Unlock barrier

Once all the barriers are gone, you are free to leave ScapeRune.

Leo the Gravedigger


Leo the Gravedigger will randomly pop up whenever you bury bones. He will say that he needs your help, and then teleport you to his graveyard. There is no specific way to get this random event, other than to bury bones. Burying different bones will give you no advantage or disadvantage of getting Leo.

Once he has teleported you, Leo will have a short conversation with you, explaining what he would like you to do for him. If you just skip through it, you will still have a scroll, quite like a clue scroll, that will appear on your screen:

Leo's list

The Mausoleum

As Leo told you above, you can use his mausoleum as a deposit box, which is slightly different to your average deposit box in the bank. Instead of using the item with the Mausoleum, click on the Mausoleum itself. Upon clicking on the Mausoleum, you will receive a message in your chatbox:

The mausoleum

Once you click continue, a screen similar to this will appear:

A deposite box

Only it will show your items. Click on the items to store it in your bank.

Arranging the Coffins

To gain your reward, you must take the coffins out of their graves, inspect them, and then place them in the correct places. If you hover your mouse over the gravestones, this option will be available to you:

Read Gravestone

Reading the gravestones will reveal one of five possible symbols:


Miner symbol


Farmer symbol


Chef symbol


Crafter symbol


Woodcutter symbol

Hovering the mouse over the graves while the coffins are still inside them will give you this option:

Take coffin

If you do take a coffin out, it will look like this: Coffin

Right clicking the coffin will yield these results:


Checking each coffin will fill your screen with a picture of a coffin and nine items will appear above it. The five different coffins will give you five sets of items, which correspond with the gravestones mentioned earlier...

Miner's Corpse: As you can see, he has some ore, an apron and a pickaxe, depicting that he is, indeed, a miner.

Miner's corpse

Farmer's Remains: Secateurs and a Seed dibber show that this person used to be a farmer.

Farmer's remains

Chef's Carcass: Obviously, he died while cooking, as he has a cake and a kebab, not to mention his hat, prized by so many goblins.

Chef's  carcass

Crafter's Bones: Before dying, this person had made a bowl, a pot and a flowerpot, so he must have been a very experienced crafter.

Crafter's bones

Woodcutter's Cadaver: The axe and logs are a dead give away to this person's identity.

Woodcutter's cadaver


Once you think you've done, talk to Leo again and he will have a look:

Let's have a look

You will then receive this message in your chatbox: Leo peers at the grave

If you got them wrong, he will tell you:

Well, that's a good attempt...

However, if you've got it correct, Leo will thank you and return you to the point you were at before, but you will have a reward...

The Rewards

For helping Leo, he will give you one of several possible rewards:


Leo may give you zombie clothing. These can be stored in your POH's costume box once you have a full set.

MaskZombie Mask
ShirtZombie Shirt
TrousersZombie Trousers
BootsZombie Boots
GlovesZombie Gloves

Full zombie


Two emotes can be unlocked upon completion of Leo's task: Zombie Walk and Zombie Dance. They can be found in your emote panel, just below the row of emotes gained from the Stronghold of Security.

Zombie emote unlocked

Retired Events

A "Retired" Event is a random event that used to be in RuneScape, but for one reason or another, was removed from the game. Therefore, you cannot get any of these random events anymore.

Dr. Ford

Dr. FordEvery so often while Mining or Woodcutting, a piece of rock or wood will hit you on the head and give you a really bad headache. Dr. Ford will show up, and ask if you're alright. He will hold up a number of fingers and ask you how many he's showing. Choose the right amount or he'll send you away to rest!

How many figers is this?

Tangle Vine

A Tangle Vine is a very sneaky vine that could appear at any time while in RuneScape, growing around your feet. Just sit still and don't move (for about 20-40 seconds), or the vine will attack you.

Update: The Tangle Vine has actually returned to RuneScape as a trap for the construction skill. At level 80, you can buy a Tangle Vine for 100,000gp and place it in your Dungeon Room as a trap for other players!

Colored Strange Box

Strange boxYou must solve the puzzle by opening it and answering the simple question it gives. If you wait too long, the box will continue duplicating until it fills your inventory. You'll need to answer all of the boxes to be rewarded.

Color Based box

Flying Axe Heads

Axe handleAxe headJust like a pickaxe head can become loose while mining, your axe head can become separated from your hatchet while swinging at a tree. Just pick it up, re-attach it to the axe handle and begin cutting wood again.

Broken axe

Pious Pete's Candlesticks

Pious Pete, being the shorty that he is, is having trouble reaching his candlesticks to light them. In this random event, you need to use the arrows to rotate the candles on the screen, and then click on the fire icon to light the candles with tall wicks. Don't worry about the ones with very short wicks - Pete will fix those later.

It's also worth noting that if you log out while doing this, the candles will reset and will all be out when you log back in.



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