Free Runescape Gold Giveaways on June 19th for Father’s Day!

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Free Runescape Gold Giveaways on June 19th for Father’s Day!


Yes, it is True! June 19th is the Father’s Day of 2011.

To celebrate this Happy Day, Usfine has decided to do Free Runescape Gold Giveaways.


Please see the following details:

Event: Free Runescape Gold Giveaways

Date: June 19th2011

Time: Start from 00:00:00 PDT

Address: Usfine Daily Special Deals Area. Click Here to Visit in advance.

Free RS Gold Amount:500M



1. Everyone can get 1M RS Gold for free.

2. You need to login and Click Buy, then confirm the order and you will see your free order’s ID.

3. You do not need to pay since the gold is free.

4. Free Gold Amount is 500M in total, if you are late, you may not get the free gold.

5. There will be many players trying to get their 1M on June 19th, so our delivery department will be very busy and can not make the delivery as fast as normal. Your patience will be greatly appreciated then!

6. In order to let more rs players get the free 1M GP, we do not allow the same player to create more than 1 free orders. Our system will identify by your IP, Character Name, Email and other data. If we find that you try to make the 2nd free gold order, we will not deliver the gold to you.


We are waiting for you! Do not be late on June 19th!

Happy Father’s Day and Do not forget to say “I love you Dad”!

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