Egg-streme Management (Easter 2010) Quest Guide

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The RuneScape Easter event of 2010 takes you back to the Easter Bunny's underground factory. You can start on this quest by heading south of Falador (find the gift icon on your map). Remember to bank everything that you're wearing or in your inventory before going there. Watch for plenty of amusing Cockney Rhyming Slang from the Impling managers employed by the Easter Bunny.

The quest itself is easy.

1. Go down rabbit hole with empty inventory south of Falador after speaking with squirrels there.
2. Talk to Easter Bunny located in a room next to the underground factory. You'll need to speak to him after each step.
3. Speak to Impling Manager next to oven machine. Use dirty oven parts one by one with water tank on the wall to wash them. Then use them with the oven.
4. The nut sorting machine is the easiest of all. You just have to click the red button when you see broken nuts, screws, or Bandos action figures.
5. Egg-printing machine: requires you to mix colors into a bowl. Use your color wheel to decide which two colors to mix. You may need to mix two of one color and one of the second color.
6. Speak to the large bird. Tell it that people depend on him to do his job.
7. Factory management: Get 8 to 10 workers by clicking "Recruit". Remember to fix machines by checkmarking "Repair" next to the broken ones. Don't make more than 7 of each kind of product. Don't waste turns by trying to create products that you don't have the resources for. See how I did.
8. Speak to Easter Bunny and then run to the couriers located around RuneScape. Go back to Easter Bunny.

At the end of the quest, speak to the Easter Bunny again if you want to do the quest again or if you just want to do the Factory Management part again.
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