Best Offensive Guide in Madden 17

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With Madden’s new ball carrier physics and a greater ability to make defenders miss, having a good ground game has become crucial - that starts with selecting the right playbook. A running playbook should be more than just “lot’s of I-formation run plays”. If you’re a guy who loves the ground game or just want to get better at it, you need formation variability and, crucially, the ability to run the play action to pick up big chunks of yards if you fall behind or your back gets worn out. With that in mind I love the Carolina offensive playbook.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a team who run the ball often and well in real life have a Madden playbook that replicates that. Carolina has a bevy of formations from singleback, various I-Form, pistol and shotgun that work well, and importantly they have a variety of running plays to suit any team. Got a fast quarterback? Awesome, here are as many option plays as you could want. Got a downhill running game with a fullback? No problem. Go strong I and blast it up the middle before countering away. Got a small and speedy back? Well there is a raft of inside & outside zone plays for you to choose from.

The Panthers obviously aren’t all running, if you want that then you can choose the ‘Run Heavy’ playbook but I would advice not to. There is enough of a ground game in the Panthers one to pound the ball all day, but if you do fall behind you will need it’s spread offense and 5 wide formations to help get yourself upfield quickly.


Key plays

Gun trey Y-Flex - Inside Zone/Outside Zone

The important thing with zone plays is reading your blocks and knowing your entry points. On inside zone you want to be aiming at the inside hip of your playside guard and looking for any cutback lanes that might appear. With outside zone it’s the outside hip of your playside guard and looking to see if the outside is available immediately. These runs out of shotgun are usually against a light box so they are good drive starters and can pick up a chunk of yards if read perfectly.


Strong H Pro - HB Blast

Your basic fullback lead play, perfect if you have a bruiser like LeGarrette Blount in the backfield. You’re unlikely to break this for a long touchdown but late in the game and in short yardage this one can get you over the line.


Singleback Ace - 01 trap

Perfect against a 4-man front, the playside defensive tackle is allowed through and then immediately kicked out by the backside pulling guard. The playside guard is then free to go up and engage the middle linebacker giving you a nice lane up the middle and a sometimes room to bounce it out at the second level if you have a speedy back.

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