Get Usfine Lucky Draw Chances to Win up to 800M RS Gold!

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Get Usfine Lucky Draw Chances to Win up to 800M RS Gold!


Many of you are familiar with the Usfine Lucky Draw. For those of you, who aren’t, please let us explain! Usfine members have the ability to exchange their Shopping Points for ‘Lucky Draw Chances.’ These 'chances' give you the ability to win a plethora of RuneScape prizes! Continue reading to find out more!


How to obtain Lucky Draw Chances:
- 50 Shopping Points equate to one Lucky Draw Chance

Keep in mind, in order to obtain Shopping Points, you must purchase merchandise on our site. $1 Purchase will reward you 1 Shopping Point


Potential prizes from the Lucky Draw:

1st Prize:

800M RS Gold or a Blue Partyhat or a $1000 Coupon.

2nd Prize:

Green H’ween Mask, Santa Hat, Dragon Full Helmet, Armadyl Godsword, Saradomin Godsword, Bandos Chestplate, Ranger Boots, 100M RS Gold, 50M RS Gold, 30M RS Gold, 20M RS Gold, or 1000 Shopping Points.

3rd Prize:

10M RS Gold, 9M RS Gold, 8M RS Gold, 7M RS Gold, 6M RS Gold, 5M RS Gold, 5% discount coupons and more!


These prizes could be yours, if you enter the Lucky Draw! If you want to test your luck:

Click Here to check how to do the Lucky Draw!

After your purchase, please contact our live chat support. Our team will then instantly activate your Lucky Draw Chances – which will be visible on the right side of the screen in your account.


Please take into consideration that the results of the Lucky Draw are completely random. The Draw will be executed through a computer system, meaning you may win all, some, or none of the prizes. However, the more Lucky Draw Chances you have increases your odds of winning! Usfine will not alter or change the results of the computer generated winners, regardless of reason. Please take this into account before you purchase your Lucky Draw Chances.


Good Luck!

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