Taking mort myre fungus to earn runescape money

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Requirements: It need to complete the necessary quests, and finish Desert Treasuresthe task (so you can be transferred to caniffs). You should also have a home with an altar. (which were required 45,50 construction level). The higher your prayer level is, the better.

Method: Your goal is to take Mort myre fungus. Assumption that you have to meet all the conditions, then the following specific steps:

1)You should take Silver Sickle(b) and the magic spell which can transfer you to home.

2)Fill your pray points at the altar, then transfer yourself to caniffs.

3)On the West of the public house, there is an entrance of mort myre( another is beside the fairy ring. After you enter mort myre, you will find threerotten wood beside the gate. You can stand there and case your sickle. Then you can take the mort myre fungus easily. (There is no ghast here。)

4)Keep casting sickle, you can keep taking mort myre fungus till your pray points used out or your bag is full.

5)Transfer back to home. Then refull your pray points and come back to caniffs.

6)Deposit the mort myre fungus in the bank and start a new run of taking mort myre fungus.

Profit: You can take about 350-400 mort myre fungus per hour, and the price of mort myre fungus is 600GP. You can earn more than 240K per hour.

But this method cant raise your experience.


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