Usfine 2013 Thanksgiving Promotion is Live Now

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Hey All, the Thanksgiving has arrived. We thank you for supporting us continuously in the past 7 years. As we promised that we would launch a Thanksgiving Promotion for all of you guys. Now the promotion is live, if you are interested, please check the details as below:

Promotion Time:
2013.11.27 – 2013.12.2 PST

Promotion Details
1.Free Extra RS Gold Bonus
During the Thanksgiving Promotion, you can get free RS Gold Bonus if you buy the following amount:
Runescape 3 Gold
Buy 80M - Get 1M Extra for Free
Buy 90M – Get 2M Extra for Free
Buy 100M – Get 3M Extra for Free
Buy 150M – Get 5M Extra for Free
Buy 200M – Get 7M Extra for Free
Buy 250M – Get 9M Extra for Free
Buy 300M – Get 12M Extra for Free
Buy 350M – Get 15M Extra for Free
Buy 400M – Get 18M Extra for Free
Buy 500M – Get 25M Extra for Free
Click Here to Start Buying and Enjoy the Free Gold now!

Runescape 2007 Gold
Buy 10M - Get 0.2M Extra for Free
Buy 12M - Get 0.3M Extra for Free
Buy 15M - Get 0.5M Extra for Free
Buy 20M - Get 0.7M Extra for Free
Buy 25M - Get 1M Extra for Free
Buy 30M - Get 1.2M Extra for Free
Buy 35M - Get 1.5M Extra for Free
Buy 40M - Get 1.8M Extra for Free
Buy 45M - Get 2M Extra for Free
Buy 50M - Get 2.5M Extra for Free
Click Here to Start Buying and Enjoy the Free Gold now!


Note: Buying Gold in Special Deal Page can not Enjoy the Free Bonus!

2.Guess Riddles to Win RS Gold
During the Thanksgiving Promotion, we will post a riddle, if you can guess correctly, you have the chances to win free RS Gold.

- We will Pick 20 Winners Finally
- Each Winner can get 1M RS07 Gold or 10M RS3 Gold
- The Winners will be disclosed on Dec 3

Thanksgiving Riddle <- Click to Answer

Hopefully you would like our Thanksgiving Promotion. If you have any question, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Online Support.

Happy Thanksgiving and Good Luck!

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