Christmas Riddle 1 - Guess to Win RS Gold

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Hey Everyone! Welcome to Guess Usfine Xmas Riddles. We will Post 6 Riddles in total during Xmas Promotion. If you answer correctly, you may win Free RS Gold. And this is the 1st Riddle.

Christmas Riddle 1:
An ox was on a 20 foot chain and wanted a pear that was 22 feet away, and the ox finally got that pear. How could the ox do that?

The Correct Answer is:
The chain was not tied to anything!

The Winners are:
Website Posters:
Rhys (coldandhotflow***
Tristan L (tristan***
XXMILKXX ([email protected])
Jeremy (jwondering12***
Edward (smellingca***

Facebook Users:
Abdullah Sharif
Miles Joiner
Gage Predojev
Qaden Gonzales
Starr Spongia

1M RS 07 Gold or 10M RS 3 Gold for each winner

Congratulations to the Winners. Please send an email to [email protected] to claim your Prize.
If you did not win this time, please do not be upset, because the New Xmas Riddle is already active.

Click Here to answer the New Xmas Ridde and Try to Win again!

Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

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