2nd Halloween Riddle Post - Guess Riddle to Win Free Game Currency

Usfine Date: Oct/30/13 10:51:06 Views: 4121

As a part of Usfine Halloween Promotion, we will post 4 Riddles from Oct 28 to Nov 1. You can guess the riddle to try winning Free RS Gold and other game currency.

The following is the 2nd Halloween Riddle:

There are two paper money on the ground, one is $5, and another one is $100. Which one will Jack pick up if he sees them?

We will randomly pick 20 Lucky People from those who write the correct answers and reward each of them 1M RS07 Gold or 20M RS3 Gold or other game currency as you request. There will be 4 Riddles Posted and 20 Lucky People Picked in total at last!

The correct riddle answers and the 20 lucky winners will be disclosed on Nov 4 at the same time.

1. You can write your answer in the below comment form on this page.
2. You can also go to our Official Facebook Page to write your Answer.
3. Or you can write your answers on both to get a higher win rate.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

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