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Recensioni degli ordini più recenti

  • By Ben
    • 150M Kritika Gold

    • Jul/18/2019

    • Amazing delivery speed, very helpful support.

  • By Sean
    • 40M Aion Kinah

    • Jul/18/2019

    • Very friendly! Trading very smooth.

  • By Rafael Gomez
    • 50 Neverwinter Gold

    • Jul/18/2019

    • Fast and good attemption

  • By Joshua
    • 30M Dofus Kamas

    • Jul/18/2019

    • Quickly fulfilled my order and live chat was very nice all round a great experience with good prices

  • By Margaret
    • 6000K Final Fantasy XIV Gil

    • Jul/18/2019

    • Delivery is fast. It is a reliable site. Buy gold here next time.

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