Lost Ark Paladins Overview, Engravings and Skrill

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Paladin in the Lost Ark is one of the two supporting characters in the MMORPG Game, second only to Bard. This class is valuable in PvP and PvE content and is one of the most reliable classes on the first playthrough. This guide will briefly cover the class, the best sculpts, abilities, and general playstyle tips.


Lost Ark Paladins Overview, Engravings and Skrill

Paladin career overview
Paladin is designed as a tank support class that can benefit the team in PvP and PvE. Abilities come in two flavors: yellow (primitive light skill) and blue (sword skill). These skills are divided into support skills and skills that deal damage when attacking - yellow for support and blue for damage. However, I don't think you're going to do much damage. While you can get some AD to level up, your role is to support, and you won't find yourself in a position as a late-game DPS Paladin.
These abilities are designed to populate your personality panel and are essentially your ultimate skills. Paladins call it the Scale of Fate, which also serves two purposes - blue and yellow. As we just mentioned, you use yellow most often - it increases the damage to allies near you, not yourself. We'll discuss this in more detail below.

More robust support kit than Bard;
The ability to protect your team and manipulate various aura abilities;
More straightforward to level up than Bard due to higher DPS levels and more health.

While you can find builds with DPS, he'll still be weaker than a dedicated DPS class;
To balance the Paladin's advantage, you'll find minor healing than Bard.

Best Paladin Engravings
Like other classes, Paladins have unique class carvings. Below we will consider them in more detail.
Healing Faith: Provides a solid boost to allies' defense (damage reduction) and damage-dealing buffs. Over time, you will also heal your allies.
Master Swordsman: A powerful engraver as it allows you to fill in the standard of personality faster. It also increases the damage to your blue skills.

What is the best engraving?
Many Paladin builds on the Internet recommend using these two skills simultaneously, using the Inscription of the Sword Saint to speed up the regeneration time of the personality and, at the same time, obtain the auxiliary healing Inscription of Faith.

Recommended Paladin Engraving Skrill
: This is a common ability for most classes in the game - it reduces the duration of the Awakening skill and increases its maximum period.
Increases Awakening duration by -10%, -25% and -50%. Increase usage from +1 to +2 to +3.
Blessed Aura: This is a significant buff to your Holy Aura, the personality skill you often use as a support class.
Reduces damage taken when using Holy Aura skills by 10% and restores 2% of teammate's health every 2.5 seconds.
Heavy Armor: We like this sculpt for single-player and some late-game items, although you may want to get a more professional sculpt when you get to the end game. Another option here might be "Expert."
All defenses are increased by 30%, 75%, and 100%.
You should also try other sculpts like Spirit Absorb (increases attack and movement speed), Expert (increases defense and HP if you or your allies are low on HP), and Grudge (reduces damage to bosses, good for late-game PvE, your main goal is to survive).

Best Paladin Skill
Here's a quick look at Paladin's complete 300 end-game support build. This is just one of the many builds available in the game, and since there are so many class customization options in Lost Ark, it's worth trying the build that works for you. Our complete guide to Paladin will cover more specific builds such as leveling, PvE, and PvP. NOTE: Some translations may differ from the Western version of the game as it is currently still a beta version of WIP.

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