Winners of Guessing Hween Riddles and Riddle Answers Announced

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Hey! All! Usfine 2013 Halloween Promotion has ended. During the Promotion, we posted 4 Riddles. And we said that we would pick lucky people from those who have answered the Riddles correctly.

Let us announce the Riddle answers and the winners now!

Riddle 1:
Jack has never been to America. Now he is considering going there. How much money he needs to spend at least if he is considering going to America?
Answer: None because to consider is free.

Riddle 2:
There are two paper money on the ground, one is $5, and another one is $100. Which one will Jack pick up if he sees them?
Answer: He will pick all of them because no one hates money.

Riddle 3:
The doctor gave you 3 pills, he told you to eat a pill every 30 minutes. So how long will it take to eat all the 3 pills?
Answer: 60 minutes.

Riddle 4
A taxi was driving without violating any traffic rule, but why a Traffic Police asked the driver to stop?
Answer: The police just wanted to take the taxi as a passenger.

The 20 lucky Winners are:

Winners who answered on Facebook:
Philip Disarro
Adam Reeves
Ben Ryan
River Hoshiar
Tim Andrews
Jay Saechao

Winners who answered on
Andrew (coolandre***
Bournless (caseymac***
Shadman (Deoxys***
Stormynight (registered***
Tjoy (noobys***
Luis Rosas( ivonnesaenza***
Jonathan B(jonathan.bal***
Brandon Otero(ninjas***

Congratulations to the winners! All of the winners can get 1M RS 2007 Gold or 20M RS3 Gold as reward or other game currency as reward. Please contact [email protected] to claim your prize!

We will launch our Thanksgiving Event at the end of November! You will be able to get Free Gold again if you participate the Event! Keep checking Usfine News!

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