RuneScape Combat Guide

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An excellent guide for people who just started RuneScape. Published by taijin

Hello All! This is the second guide I’ve published, and I hope you all like it!!!

This combat guide will teach you up to level 99 in all the attack stats, such as Attack, Strength, and Defense. (All level legends are either strength, attack, or defense.)

Lvl 1-10 You have a wide variety of options here. First, you’ll want to go and kill chickens up to around level 7 of any stat. (Most likely defense and strength) Then, you’ll want to get a weapon better than a bronze sword or dagger. In order to do that, pick up the feathers from the chickens that you killed. Also, pick up the raw chicken. It will prove useful later on. Sell the feathers at the Grand Exchange in Varrock. If you are lost, click on the world map and check where it is. After you sell the feathers, you should at least have 100 gp. keep killing chickens until all of your stats are level 7, then sell the feathers. After you have money and bought at least and iron scimitar or full bronze, then go to the cows. KILL the cows and pick up the bones, and the cowhide. IF you want, you can pick up the food and cook it, but that would spend time. It is strongly suggested that you cook later on, when you run low on hp. Keep killing cows until all your stats of combat are level 10.

Lvl 11-20 Goblins. They are very close by, and they also provide better experience then cows. THE only disadvantage is that they don’t drop anything you can sell for a hefty price, such as cowhide. After you get to level 15 of each stat, then you MUST have either full iron or full steel. If you need to, keep killing cows. After you have either steel or iron, go to Barbarian village. Then kill all the level 8 barbarians. Some of them will attack you, but you have nothing to fear, as you can easily kill them. They drop bones, cooked meat, and all sorts of useless things, except for the meat. The barbarians will prove tougher than the cows, so the meat or beer that you find will prove useful to you when you battle.

Lvl 21-30 You’ll want to now battle the higher level barbarians. If you possibly can, it will be nice to have a little bit of mithril at this point, though the money problem is not solved in this guide. After you kill the barbarians and are now mid-level 20, you might want to consider killing guards in Varrock. They drop some change, but isn’t significant enough to prove useful to you. ALWAYS bury the bones. Prayer is perhaps one of the most important stats in RuneScape.

Lvl 31-40 Hill giants. First, go to the Grand Exchange, and buy a Brass Key for MAX PRICE. After that, go north, and don’t cross the river to the Barbarian Village. You should see a hut if you keep going. Use the Brass key on that hut, and the door will unlock. Go down, and you should see lots of people. It’s because Hill Giants are a major source of money. Here you have a choice. The big bones sell for a lot of money, as well as the limpwurt roots. You can bury the limpwurt, or sell it, it’s your choice. Keep doing this until all your stats are maxed out at level 40. You might want to consider buying adamant. It’s very cheap compared to rune, at a mere 20k. If you can’t afford it, stick to the mithril until you can. IF YOU DON’T HAVE MITHRIL, GO BACK TO lvl. 11-20 or lvl. 21-30 AND GET MONEY AND GET MITHRIL. It’s really crucial to at least have mithril at this stage.

Lvl 41-50 Now, you’ll want to start focusing on strength most of the time. Strength allows you to hit higher, a stat that will prove useful. These levels are also suggested for Hill Giants, and keep doing it until you HAVE FULL adamant. If you can, some rune would be excellent, but not needed at this stage. A Rune Scimmy will prove very useful in the killing of Hill Giants, but it is 32k. If you can’t afford it, don’t worry, just keep selling the limpwurt roots or Big Bones. After you reach level 50 for each stat (Maybe 55 for strength), move onto the next section.

Lvl 51-60 By now, you should have at least 10 quest points. When you reach level 57, do the Dragon Slayer quest. If you manage to finish it nicely, you will be able to wear Full Rune, and you gain lots of experience for the occasion. Still, by the time you do Dragon Slayer you will want all the Rune you can possibly get. Keep battling Hill Giants for Big Bones and Limpwurt roots. Just keep battling hills!!!!!!

Lvl 61-70 Now, you’ll definitely want to start battling monsters a higher level than you. ALWAYS MAKE SURE STRENGTH is the HIGHEST stat you have from the combat, at least 7 higher than attack, and 5 higher than defense. Start battling Lesser Demons. They’re located in the Karamjan Volcano. You’ll also meet Red Spiders here. You might battle them to start, but they can gain up on you. Very occasionally, they’ll drop Red Spider’s Eggs. These eggs are used for Strength Potions, so are very, very wanted. Sell them at the Grand Exchange. If you sell them at a general store, they’ll sell for 2gp. In the Grand Exchange, 300 or so. Anyways, you’ll want to battle either Cockroach soldiers or Lesser Demons. Lesser Demons sometimes drop Rune Med Helms which sell for a lot. Keep doing this until all the stats are 70 except strength. Have Strength at level 80 or so.

71-99 You’re at the highest stretch now. Keep battling Lesser Demons, and you can even battle Greater Demons in the wilderness now. Just keep battling, eat when you need to, and have a good time being the best of the best!!!


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