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  • Air runeAir rune K$5
  • Red dragonhideRed dragonhide    $4
  • Black dragonhideBlack dragonhide K$8.38
  • Earth runeEarth rune K$6
  • FlaxFlax K$2.9
  • Mind runeMind rune K$3.5
  • LobsterLobster K$5.65
  • Raw lobsterRaw lobster K$5.9
  • SharkShark K$3.19
  • Blood runeBlood rune K$5.43
  • Body runeBody rune K$5
  • Chaos runeChaos rune K$5.4
  • Death runeDeath rune K$4.2
  • Fire runeFire rune K$4
  • Law runeLaw rune K$6.35
  • Maple logsMaple logs K$4.9
  • Nature runeNature rune K$4.41
  • Pure essencePure essence K$4.05
  • Rune essenceRune essence K$4
  • Yew logsYew logs K$4.42
  • Dragon bonesDragon bones K$7.84
  • Magic logsMagic logs K$5.88
  • Blue dragonhideBlue dragonhide K$7.84
  • Green dragonhideGreen dragonhide K$7.35
  • Water runeWater rune K$7
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The Numbers of Runescape Players From 2000s 01/02/2018

Runescape is one of the oldest MMORPGs out there, having been available since all the way back in 2001. The game was at its peak in the mid-2000s, when there would always be at least 100,000 players online at any one time – often peaking around 250,000. Nowadays, due to the player-base moving on, the game doesn’t approach anywhere near these numbers.

Madden Mobile Coins Account Trading Guide 01/02/2018

This is a new account with stable amount of coins in it, you can use it to buy anything in the auction house, it is not means you will get the amount of coins in your main account after you buy this.

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