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Christmas Riddle 5 - Guess to Win RS Gold


Hey Everyone! Welcome to Guess Usfine Xmas Riddles. If you answer correctly, you may win Free RS Gold.

Christmas Riddle 5:
How many great men have been born in New York? Why?

The Correct Answer is:
None. Because only babies were born.

The Winners are:
Website Posters
Francisco ([email protected])
joseph ([email protected])
Olive ([email protected])
Phil ([email protected])
Smart boy ([email protected])

Facebook User:
Jose Rodrigues
Ryan Barndollar
Tuna Dè Souza Yilmaz
Héctor Cervantes
Elend Egid

1M RS 07 Gold or 10M RS 3 Gold for each winner

Congratulations to the Winners. Please send an email to [email protected] to claim your Prize.
If you did not win this time, please do not be upset, because the New Riddle is already active.

Click Here to answer the New Ridde and Try to Win again!

Good Luck and Wish you Win!


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